09:00 09:15   Welcome  Address

09:15 09:45 Keynote: “Multi-armed bandits for communications”. Speaker: Francesc Wilhelmi

10:00 – 11:00 Technical Session 1

Session Chair: Juan Felipe Botero

  • Predicting cloud-native application failures based on monitoring data of cloud infrastructure
    Laszlo Toka (Budapest University of Technology and Economics), Gergely Dobreff (Budapest University of Technology and Economics), David Haja (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) and Mark Szalay (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
  • SpeedCam: Towards Efficient Flow Monitoring for Multipath Communication Kilian Gärtner (Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg), Jonghoon Kwon (ETH Zürich) and David Hausheer (OVGU Magdeburg)

11:00 – 12:00 Technical Session 2

Session Chair: Juan Felipe Botero

  • When Deep Learning May Not Be The Right Tool For Traffic Classification
    Kleidi Ismailaj (University of Antwerp), Miguel Camelo (University of Antwerp – imec) and Steven Latré (University of Antwerp – imec)
  • Detection of DoS/DDoS attacks: the UBM and GMM approach
    Jorge Steven Martinez Osorio (University of Antioquia), Jaime Vergara (University of Antioquia) and Juan Felipe Botero (University of Antioquia)

14:15 – 16:15 Technical Session 3

Session Chair: Marcelo Caggiani Luizelli

  • LogDTL: Network Log Template Generation with Deep Transfer Learning
    Thieu Nguyen (Hanoi University of Science and Technology), Satoru Kobayashi (National Institute of Informatics), and Kensuke Fukuda (National Institute of Informatics)
  • Fog Orchestration meets Proactive Caching
    Francescomaria Faticanti (Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK)), Lorenzo Maggi (Nokia Bell Labs), Francesco De Pellegrini (University of Avignon), Daniele Santoro (Fondazione Bruno Kessler) and Domenico Siracusa (Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK))
  • CONTAIN: Privacy-oriented Contact Tracing Protocols for Epidemics
    Arvin Hekmati (University of Southern California), Gowri Sankar Ramachandran (University of Southern California) and Bhaskar Krishnamachari (University of Southern California)
  • Exploring the Adaptability of Word Embeddings to Log Message Classification
    Yusufu Shehu (Moogsoft Ltd.) and Robert Harper (Moogsoft Ltd.)

16:15 16:45 Closing Remarks